16 Great Gospel Sermons

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Charles G. Finney - Prevailing Prayer
Thomas Dewitt Talmage - The General Resurection
Charles H. Spurgeon - Our Change of Masters
Dwight L. Moody - The Way of Salvation
Isaac M. Haldeman - The Judgment Seat of Christ
Sam Jones - What Wait I For?
F.B. Meyer - Redeemed By Blood
James M. Gray - From Nature To Grace
R.A. Torrey - God
J. Wilbur Chapman - How May I Know I Am A Christian
Gipsy Smith - As Jesus Passed By
Billy Sunday - The Three Groups
J.H. Jowett - The Disciple's Theme
G. Campbell Morgan - Wouldst Thou Be Made Whole?
George W. Truett - A Prayer For A Revival
J. Stuart Holden - The Excluded Redeemer

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