50 Years of Gospel Music by the Singing Cookes

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Disc 1:

1. A better place to go

2. Sweet heaven in my view

3. Striving for that city

4. The Lord will make a way somehow

5. God's not dead

6. Heaven holds all for me

7. I had a vision of heaven

8. Jesus will outshine them all

9. What a time in heaven

10. Beautiful

11. The first million years

12. There's always a rainbow

13. On heavens bright shore

14. Upper window

15. Beyond the sunset

16. They've moved our reunion to heaven

17. I'm going on with Jesus

18. God's dearest Lamb

19. Dry bones

20. Memories from way back home

Disc 2:

1. Worth all my trials

2. Where we'll never grow old

3. Heading to the promised land

4. Come up higher

5. Momma prayed for me

6. The King is coming back

7. Dusty roads

8. Empty tomb

9. Bridge over Jordan

10. This little light of mine

11. Good morning child

12. Have a happy mother's day

13. Jesus, Daddy and You

14. Memories of the coal mines

15. She's not crying anymore

16. Walk through the gates

17. I pressed through the crowd

18. Another friend is gone

19. Precious memories come alive

20. Heaven's sounding sweeter

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