50 Years On the Battle Front With Christ - A Biography of Mordecai F. Ham

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by Edward E. Ham From the Introduction by Dr. Bruce Miller President, International Bible College Since 1976 I have required my student preachers, one by one, to read my only copy of "The Life of Mordecai Ham." I wanted them to see what God did with this common man who was totally yield to his Lord Jesus Christ." I wanted the next generation of Christi's servants to learn how God could arrest the hearts of the most vile sinners, how conviction could grip entire rural counties, how conversion could come to thousands in the cties, and that God's Word still "works". When evangelist Ham preached, mockers were converted, families were restored, bars were closed, laws were changed, churches filled to overflowing (one even advertised in the paper that no more new converts should attend as there was not room for them), hundreds were called to preach, and crooked politicians either repented or feared the consequences. When some resisted God's work, God withdrew His grace in answer to Ham's prayers and God's judgment fell. Every Christian needs to read this nook to learn of the "old time religion", a time when Christianity changed the world instead of the changing Christianity. Preachers need to read it and plead, "Do it again, Lord!" Ham;s God is our God! My only copy of Ham's book is tattered, taped, and glued together. I thank god that Brother Larry Harrison is reprinting the book. Now all of my students can have their own copies to read and to reread and to share with their "Timothy's" as I have with mine.

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