Brother Sheffey by William Sanders Barbery

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180 pages
Southwestern Virginia has produced great men in every walk of life-soldiers, statesmen, and scholars,-but No man has lived between Roanoke and Bristol and between the Blue Ridge and Flat Top Mountains who has made a deeper impression on the whole people of that part of the state than Rev. Robert Sayers Sheffey.
Rev. Robert Sayers Sheffey knew the power of prayer.
He was a Methodist preacher in Virginia who was held in awe of those who knew him because of the answers he received to prayer and a unique man of simple faith in a God who could do anything. Rev. Sheffey's life is an encouragement to children of God everywhere. Many have written stories about Brother Sheffey, but since he was such an unusual man, they have consisted almost entirely of the peculiar things he did. In this volume, only those stories that have been substantiated the most have been included, but certainly more could be added.
By Willard Sanders Barbery
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