Church Hymnal "Redback" Case of 10, Hardback, Pathway Press/Tennessee Music, Bulk

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Multipack is of 10 Hymnals and is only available in the Maroon hardback.The original classic "Red-back" Church Hymnal now available in a multipack saving you additional shipping charges. Other versions available sold individually. The classic "Red-Back" Church Hymnal has been produced by Pathway Press since 1951. Since then it has become a staple with millions sold. These hymnals fit the needs of the congregation, choir, and soloist. It includes a topical index that lists hymns appropriate to 14 different occasions including Baptism, Consecration, Funeral, Missionary, and Testimony. It also features a general index that alphabetically lists more than 400 classic hymns. 410 fine quality pages in a long lasting hardcover. A few of the titles contained in the hymnal are: Amazing Grace, Blessed Assurance, How Firm a Foundation, Nearer, My God to Thee, Rock of Ages, There is a Fountain, and What a Friend We Have in Jesus.
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