Daily Light on the Daily Path (KJV) by Samuel Bagster

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  • Daily Light on the Daily Path (KJV) by Samuel Bagster


Growing up in a family where the Word of God was read and taught, Samuel Bagster hid God's Word in his herat and later transferred this knowledge and love for it to his children through a unique process. Each day, this busy father had his family devotions by reading the Word of God and teaching his family to convey what they had just read with other similar Scriptures, thereby relating entire ideas and principles from many areas of the Bible. They also prayed together and strove to use God's Word to direct their lives.

Samuel Bagster, an English publisher and bookseller would read a verse during family worship time, and then challenge his family to think of related verses, thereby assembling a group of themed verses which later became their devotional book. After it was complied by the Bagster family, building verse upon verse from their daily devotions in the 1800's, this book has affected lives around the world. With separate themes for morning and evening, the messages of this timely book are as needed today in our daily paths as they were the day it was written. Local Church Bible Publishers is delighted to reprint this classic book in the beautiful language of the King James Bible.
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