Daily Truth For Godly Youth

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  • Daily Truth For Godly Youth


By Howard Bean 380pgs., copyright 2006 Christian Light Publications Subtitle - "365 Practical Devotionals For Teens and Adults" Description: Some of you already know Brother Howard through his writings in Companions and other periodicals. This new devotional book offers 365 new mediations in that same readable style. An excerpt: A friend said to a young man, "I hear you are connected with a Bible society." "I see," said the young man. "Well, in one way that report is true. I am a translator. It keeps me very busy." "Really?" said the friend, "I didn't know you had the linguistic ability and educational background to be a Bible translator." The young man replied, "I am busy translating the New Testament into my daily life." We ought to immerse ourselves in the Bible and let it flavor our lives. As an analogy, let's consider tea. What makes one cup of tea stronger than another? The same ingredients, water and tea, are used for both. The difference is that in preparing the strong cup of tea, the tea leaves were immersed in the water longer, allowing the water to absorb more tea. In the same way, the length of time we spend in God's Word determines how deeply we get into it and how deeply it gets into us. Just like the tea, the longer we are immersed in the Word, the stronger we become. Interesting, practical, and uplifting, Daily Truth for Godly Youth will be appreciated by both teens and adults.
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