John G. Butler

John G. Butler

The Bible Biography Series is a series of character studies by John G. Butler. The books in this series are expository studies of Scripture. They are extensively organized and outlined, filled with practical applications of Scripture to every day life, written in easy to understand layman's language, and theologically and morally they take a strong, old-fashioned, fundamentalist position which is increasingly unpopular but greatly needed in our day.

The author is a native of Iowa. He has been a Baptist minister for nearly half a century and pastored for over 35 years with pastorates in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Iowa. He is a veteran of the United States Navy, attended Tennessee Temple university, and is a graduate of Cedarville University. He is also the author of the Studies of the Savior - a series of books written about Jesus Christ, and a daily devotional series entitled Daily Bible Reading.

Adapted from the introduction of the Bible Biography Series.

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