Fish For Hungry Christians Teacher's Manual

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  • Fish For Hungry Christians Teacher's Manual


By Frank Hamrick and Jerry Dean Published by Positive Action for Christ This is the fourth and final book in a series of four that aid the reader in their Christian walk. "Fish" encourages, instructs, and educates on winning souls to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. This Bible Study series has been around for almost thirty years, and has been used by thousands of Christians. Written in Bible study format, this book covers: Chapter 1 - The Necessity of Witnessing. Chapter 2 - The Initial Contact and Arousing Curiosity Chapter 3 - Communication and Conviction Chapter 4 - Clinching the Decision - Sin and It's Penalty Chapter 5 - Clinching the Decision - Christ Died for Man's Sin Chapter 6 - Clinching the Decision - Trusting Christ as Saviour Chapter 7 - Follow-up Chapter 8 - Handling Excuses Glossary Guideline for Witnessing
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