It's NOT Greek to Me by Todd Friel

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  • It's NOT Greek to Me by Todd Friel
  • It's NOT Greek to Me by Todd Friel
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A very nice copy of the DVD, "It's NOT Greek to Me by Todd Friel"  At just the right time, God fulfilled His promise to send a Messiah. What made two thousand years ago the right time? The Greek Language!
God's sovereign design was to use Greek when it was the language of the entire world so every nation could understand the Good news. More than that, Greek is a far more precise language than Old Testament Hebrew allowing for a far more precise understanding of theology. God has very good timing!

It's NOT Greek to me is perfect for:
- Individual or family study.
- Sunday school classes(ten lessons, ten weeks).
- Homeschoolers.
- Students preparing for first year Greek.
This study will not go over your head and it will not waste your time. C'mon! Jump in. You will learn the language that God Himself chose to write your New Testament in. Best of all, you will have the skills to understand your Bible better so you can love and follow your Savior better!
Includes PDF study guide for group or individual study.

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