John G. Paton Hero of the South Seas by Bessie L. Byrum

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  • John G. Paton Hero of the South Seas by Bessie L. Byrum


CBG reprint: 2000
88 pages
        For fearlessness and faithfulness, the name of John G. Paton stands in the front rank of missionary biography. As a poor boy, John Paton heard the call of Good to seek the lost. And the years of his long life were spent in giving diligent heed to that call.
        Christian biography is one of the most fruitful sources of interesting and inspiring reading to be found. It not only informs, but it also instills in the minds of the young people worthy and noble ideals, and creates in their hearts a desire to be like the godly people of whom they read. For older people, such reading provides encouragement and comfort, helping them upward and onward in the path of life. This book has as its design the accomplishing of these very things. It was written with the younger people in view, the author recognizing that the older minds will condescend to the needs of the younger, whereas the younger readers could not ascend to the style of their elders. The book is dedicated to our wealth of bright young people.
By Bessie L. Byrum
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