Might as Well Laugh [Audio CD] Carl Hurley (Comedy)

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Ever had a flat tire without a spare? Or missed your exit on a busy highway? Ever gone on vacation and your luggage never arrived? Or scratched the paint on a new car the first day you owned it? Are you overwhelmed by new technology that promises to simplify your life?

If you answer yes, you are like the rest of us as we deal with a world that is ever-changing and filled with unexpected mishaps, big and small. How do you handle it?

On this recording, humorist Carl Hurley offers some comedic advise. "There are things that pop up in this life that can cause you to get mad and make your blood pressure go up," says Carl, "but for all the good it'll do you, you might as well laugh!" Carl gently reminds us that laughter helps us cope with frustration and stress in a world that is rapidly changing."

  1. You Might As Well Laugh
  2. Giving a Final Exam/ Woman in Distress
  3. Real Stuff From Church Bulletins
  4. High Fiber, Low Fat, Stressed-Filled World
  5. Men and Woman Shop Differently
  6. A Little Problem in Communication
  7. Where Mama Got Our Clothes/ Cletus Buys Shoes
  8. Eldean's New Pickup/ Uncle Zach is 94
  9. Uncle Arlo and Aunt Mavis on Hwy. 80
  10. The Second Coming/ Hard Times/ Going to San Jose
  11. Small Town Characters
  12. Daddy Builds A Farm Tractor
  13. Missing Dog/Love Humor Of Little Children
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