Reese Chronological Bible

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By Dr. Ed Reese Dimensions: 7.25 x 9.5 1,640 pgs., Copyright 1980 Description: In this extraordinary volume, you can read the entire Bible in historical sequence--all the events in the order in which they actually occurred. * At the beginning of the text itself is a thorough chronological index of the entire Bible, dividing Bible history into eighteen distinct epochs. * At the end of the text is a chapter index, enabling the reader to readily locate the page on which any chapter of Scripture may be found. * The Authorized King James Version "I'm sure it will be helpful to series Bible students for years to come." --Warren Wiersbe, author and pastor of Moody Bible Church "There has been long been a need for a chronological presentation from a thoroughly fundamental perspective. I recommend this Bible to be in the library of every Bible student." --Tim LaHaye Author Information: Edward Reese is a professor of Bible and History at Hyles-Anderson College, Hammond, Indiana. He spent twenty years accomplishing this prodigious task of a chronological arrangement of the Bible.
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