Sermons in Chemistry Teachers Set

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10 great lessons, including all of those included in the sampler set:

Power in the Blood Series
  1. Salvation by the Blood
  2. The Sins of Christians and Remedy
  3. The Prodigal Son Pardoned
  4. The Victorious Christian
  5. The Marriage of Cana of Galilee
  6. The Unpardonable Sin
  7. Liquor, Tobacco, and Remedy
  8. The Blood, The Cross, and Eternal Destiny
Additional Lessons
  1. Pilate
  2. The Breath of God

The Teacher's Set is beautiful and designed for classroom use but has feature for large group presentation. This set contains 10 great lessons, including the five in the Sampler Set, plus all the color change possibilities of the Pastor's Set. It offers greater variety and more equipment than the Sampler Set.

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