Soul Winning Sermons

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Foreword by Dr. Wally Beebe (deceased)

My first time to see Dr. Vick was in the chapel services at Bob Jones University. He was held in awe as a great church builder, administrator, and educator. It was later my privilege to get to know Dr. Vick personally, hear him many times, and speak for him in the Baptist Bible Fellowship National meetings.Although I can not say that I was a close friend of Dr. Vick, he confided many interesting truths as I questioned him about his ministry. He was a dynamic administrator, and if he had entered the secular field, would have easily have been president of General Motors or some other large corporation. He instead chose to apply his talents in the Lord's work and he inspired so many young preachers to greater heights by his life and organizational methods.

I shall never forget him speaking on divine multiplication where in the book of Acts we saw growth that came from souls being saved in the local church!

We are in the midst of a generation that did not know Dr. Vick, but need to be reminded of his great compassion for souls and his personal interest in his church members. I do not ever recall him speaking, that he did not personally reference someone in his church that he had led to Christ, or had the privilege of helping in some way. May this reprint of these wonderful old sermons give new life to all who read.

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