The Dark Side of the Purpose Driven Church

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By Noah W. Hutchings The book by Rick Warren, the Purpose Driven Church, has had a great effect on church growth, government, and practice since its inception. Even though this movement has seemed to enjoy great success, Noah Hutchings purports that there is a present down side to this movement. He quotes Rick Warren from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public life (May 23, 2005) as saying, "The word 'Fundamentalist' actually comes from a document in the 1920s called the Five Fundamentals of the Faith. And it is a very legalistic, narrow view of Christianity." These Five Fundamentals Are: 1. The inerrancy and full authority of the Bible 2. The virgin birth and full Deity of Christ 3. The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead 4. Christ's atoning, vicarious death for the sins of the world 5. The literal Second Coming of Jesus Christ The Purpose Driven Church religion at best is a distortion of the gospel; at worst, a repudiation of biblical, saving faith in Jesus Christ.
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