The Private Devotioanl Lives of Finney, Moody, Spurgeon

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Foreword This little book gives glimpse into the devotional lives of these great men of God who lived in the past. All of the fundamental Bible-believing men that I know think highly of of these men. They left their mark on their generation and the generation to follow for good and for God. The purpose of putting it into print again is so that preachers and others can be blessed. Those who read it will still realize that their success as preachers was because of their devotion to God and their dedication to his Word and work. The highly intelligent and the highly educated will realize that to be successful they will need more than intelligence and education. Those with little formal education and possible a low I.Q. will be challenged to believe that their loyalty to God ad dedication to His will and work will bring them to the "well done thou good and faithful servant" form the lips of our Lord. I challenge preachers and lay people to purchase a copy of the Private Devotional Lives of Finney, Moody, and Spurgeon and read it and learn from it. Dr. C.R. Williams Hattiesburg, MS

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