The Real Billy Sunday

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Foreward To "the Real Billy Sunday" As a youngster, the name Billy Sunday was legendary. The very mention of his name even to day brings a warm, almost mischievous grin to the face of Fundamental Evangelicals. To a little boy reared in a God fearing family, with possible aspirations to be a preacher someday (like myself), Billy Sunday was our hero. By any standard he was a success. Through is preaching, hundreds of thousands came to a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ. He was one of the most outstanding representatives of the prohibition movement. It was an amazing time in the United States; for approximately a decade it as illegal to consume alcohol "by the drink." When Billy Sunday would conduct a crusade, it was not unusual for saloons to close down and the entire country to go "dry." Mr. Sunday was the only Evangelist that a city song had words that paid homage, if not some respect, to his fearless efforts in fighting for prohibition. The second stanza of the song begins, "Chicago, Chicago the town Billy Sunday couldn't close down..." The searching of Billy Sunday was nothing short of phenomenal! His life was truly an American story. His father was killed during the war between the States. He was reared in Iowa, called himself "a hayseed of the hayseeds." His mother could not support him and his brother, and sent them off to spend part of their lives in an orphanage. It broke his heart ti be away from his mother whom he dearly loved. The result did not make him "bitter: but rather "better." His loyalty to motherhood was always paramount in each crusade he conducted. Upon reaching manhood he became a great professional baseball player. The last I heard, Bill Sunday still holds the record for running the bases. After salvation at the Pacific Garden Rescue Mission, he took to the ministry with the same enthusiasm he had for baseball. It was not for some of the same movements he made on the baseball diamond to work their way into his messages. More than once he "slid into home safe" to Heaven. Commentator Paul Harvey was correct when he said, "when some preachers approach the pulpit,,,they exhort, others extol; however whenever Billy Sunday hit the pulpit..he exploded!"When you read his life story you can still see the flash and feel th vibrations! The Real Billy Sunday by Elijah P. Brown was recommended to me as the best written and most accurate story of the life of this unparalleled servant of God. I hung upon every word, while reading, as I'm sure you will also. may God use this biography to challenge someone else in the Lord's work; we could sure use another Billy Sunday in America. So, if fire begets fire---read intently and ignite!

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