Treasures From 1 Kings By Dr. Rod Mattoon

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  • Treasures From 1 Kings By Dr. Rod Mattoon


Treasures from 1 Kings contains 400 pages of study material on the book of 1st Kings. Included in the verse by verse note are the following special studies.
~ Steps in Gaining an Understanding Heart
~ Conditions for Successful and Failing Prayers
~Learning from Turning
~ Lessons from a Cedar Tree
~  How to Stand Alone for God   
There are 53 chapters. Here are some of the chapter titles:
~ The Track to Getting Sidetracked                                     
~ The Calamity of Counting Unhatched Chickens
~ When Lightning Strikes in the Same Place Twice
~ The Prince who Tooted His Own Horn
~ Pick Up the Baton!
~ Concepts from Counterfeits  
~ Flopping at the Finish Line    

Part of the Treasures From Scripture Commentary by Dr. Rod Mattoon.
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