Treasures from Isaiah Volume 1

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The newest in from Dr. Rod Mattoon, this volume includes commentary beginning with Isaiah 1:1 through Iaiah 24:15. Twenty four (24) chapters and 399 pages comprise this commentary.

The first three chapters include:

1. The Tragedy of Being Out of Touch with God, Isaiah 1:1-10
2. Nonsense that Nauseates God or When God Can't Stand What You are Doing, Isaiah 1:10-15
3. Shriveled Trees and Scorched Gardens, Isaiah 1:16-31

This book is part of the "Treasures From Scripture Commentary" series by Dr. Rod Mattoon.

Feel free to contact us if you wish to see all chapter titles.

ll 47 volumes of the "Treasures" series are available on this website, individually or in sets.
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