Treasures From Nehemiah By Dr. Rod Mattoon

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Treasures from Nehemiah contains 314 pages of verse-by-verse material on Nehemiah. Some of the material found in the 13 chapters of the book include:
~Responding to Bad News from Home
~Burnt Stones and Piles of Dust
~Double Trouble: Conflict in the Camp
~The Grit in Growing
~Broken Hearts Before God
~Committed to a Changed Life
~Taking the Bull by the Horns
~What Goes Around, Comes Around
~ How to Back Your Life into a Corner
~ A Soft Pillow for a Tired Heart
~ How to be a Non-Conformist in a Carnal Society
~Tripping Over the Stumbling Stone
~ Why we Fall and go Boom
~ The Chemistry of Ministry
~The View of You
Part of the Treasures From Scripture Commentary by Dr. Rod Mattoon.
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