Treasures from Proverbs Volume 2

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  • Treasures from Proverbs Volume 2


Part of Dr. Rod Mattoon's "Treasures" series, this volume on Proverbs includes commentary by subject throughout Proverbs, including ten chapters and 329 pages on this subjects:: All Out Effort, Giving Your Best, or Giving 100% Anger, Contention, Conflict, Dissension, Division, Strife, Losing Your Temper, and Wrath Annoyances or Irritations Appetites, Cravings, Desire3s, Gluttony, Lust Arrogance or Pride Avoidances and Associatiations with Others Authority Avarice, Greed, Covetousness Backsliding, Getting Sid-tracked, Going Astrayt, Or Wandering Away from God Blessing or Being Blessed
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