Twenty Years With Billy Sunday

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By Homer Rodheaver Forward by Dr. Monte Watts, Evangelist "Twenty Years With Billy Sunday" is without a doubt a must for Christian reading, especially for Pastor's and full-time workers. Read it carefully, taking time to learn the character Billy Sunday. See the practical side of his sermons, laced with compassion for the lost. The down to earth illustrations, alone, make this book a worthwhile investment of the reader's time. His epigrams delivered prayerfully, caused multitudes to listen and without fail they always heard the Gospel. The organizational ability of Billy Sunday, in this book, reveals the genius he was, yet he remained humble enough to loose himself for others. He dared to preach in a manner repulsive to the average clergy of his day, using the simplest of hymns in order to move the crowds toward God. He fought the fight and remained faithful to the end having no patience for the deniers of the faith. Read this book, learn from it and apply it to you life.

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