Ultimate John Phillips Set

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John Phillips has been teaching and writing about the Bible for a lifetime. Born in Britain, he moved to Canada after World War II, where he founded and pastored a small church. Dr. Phillips later joined the staff of Moody Bible Institute where he served for twenty-five years.

He was Assistant Director of the Moody Correspondence School and spoke regularly over the Moody network. He also taught in the Moody Evening Extension School. During those years he authored his first three books - Exploring the Scriptures, Exploring Romans, and Exploring Revelation.

He has authored over fifty books, including a complete set of New Testament Commentaries. Dr. Phillips is now retired from writing and preaching. He and his wife Betty reside in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Dr. Phillips is a master of the English language. He is an amazing expositor of the Scriptures, and his ability to alliterate is unmatched. From the Babe in Christ to the Veteran Pastor, all will gain great help from the wisdom which Dr Phillips displays in his commentaries.

This set includes all of the commentaries in the Exploring the Bible commentary series plus all of John Phillips's other books that are still in print!
  • Exploring Genesis
  • Exploring Proverbs (2-vol)
  • Exploring the Psalms (2-vol)
  • Exploring Song of Solomon
  • Exploring Daniel
  • Exploring the Minor Prophets
  • Exploring Acts
  • Exploring Colossians & Philemon
  • Exploring Ephesians & Philippians
  • Exploring Galatians
  • Exploring Hebrews
  • Exploring I & II Thessalonians
  • Exploring I Corinthians
  • Exploring II Corinthians
  • Exploring Revelation
  • Exploring Romans
  • Exploring the Epistle of James
  • Exploring the Epistle of Jude
  • Exploring the Epistles of John
  • Exploring the Epistles of Peter
  • Exploring the Gospel of John
  • Exploring the Gospel of Luke
  • Exploring the Gospel of Mark
  • Exploring the Gospel of Matthew
  • Exploring the Pastoral Epistles
  • People of the Old Testament (3-vol)
  • Exploring the People of the New Testament
  • Exploring the Old Testament Book-by-Book
  • Exploring the New Testament Book-by-Book
  • Exploring the Scriptures
  • Exploring the Future
  • Bible Explorer’s Guide
  • Jesus Our Lord
  • 100 Old Testament Sermon Outlines
  • 100 New Testament Sermon Outlines
  • 100 Devotions for Pastors and Church Leaders Volume 1
  • 100 Devotions for Pastors and Church Leaders Volume 2
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